Why do I have to create an account to participate in an online consultation?

    You may have to register before you participate in a consultation, share specific content or use specific site functions (e.g., take part in a forum or comment on a project or proposal). It takes only a few minutes to create an account, which provides access to all the platform’s participation activities. With an account, you will also receive updates on the Bang the Table website. 

    To register, you must provide personal information: first and last name, email address, postal code, password and name of the company, organization or government agency you represent (if applicable). This information is required to use some of the tools on Bang the Table’s online participation platform. 

    However, not all activities require registration.

    Is my participation anonymous?

    You can use some tools anonymously. Still, we recommend that you create an account since registration is required to use all the tools (e.g., forum). 

    The personal information collected through Bang the Table’s online participation platform is subject to Bang the Table’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Moderation Policy, which you will be asked to read and agree to before you use the Bang the Table website and software. 

    With the exception of survey responses, all comments on the site are in the public domain and accessible to everyone. When you enter information in the free-form text fields and other fields on the site, you waive its confidentiality.

    How will my responses be processed?

    Just as during a public consultation session, all the comments and suggestions are compiled and sent to the individuals who oversee the issues that were discussed to support further development and decision making.  

    The comments gathered online are used in tandem with other means, including face-to-face meetings, open houses, telephone calls, comment forms and letters. 

    For construction projects, the online discussions become part of the public consultation process and are integrated into the overall reflection to optimize equipment implementation.

    The information collected when you take part in an online consultation is processed in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. 

    Can I participate in all the projects and proposals in the online discussion space?

    With a registered account, you will be able to take part in all the online participation events created for the various projects and proposals in Hydro-Québec’s discussion space. A link to all the online participation events is available on www.hydroquebec.com.

    What are the moderation rules?

    The moderation rules are rules of conduct to use the online consultation tool in a way that respects others. A team of Bang the Table experts moderates the site and uses the software on Hydro-Québec’s behalf. The moderation rules and applicable penalties are detailed in Bang the Table’s Moderation Policy

    Tools are moderated 24/7 for inappropriate language and disrespectful and off-topic comments. Any comments considered irrelevant, offensive or malicious will immediately be deleted, and the poster will be notified by email. Moderators do not change or edit comments. 

    Is there an app?

    No, the platform is optimized to make all content accessible from a mobile device.

    Who should I contact with questions on the online platform?

    Send your questions to support@bangthetable.com. A platform administrator will follow up with you. 

    If you have any questions on a specific project, get in touch with one of the individuals listed in the Contact us section of the project page.